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  • Moving and Packing Supplies For Sale Near You

    We know moving can be stressful and with so many other things to consider packing is probably the last thing you want to focus on. But to have a successful move and reduce the risk of damage to your belongings, you’ll want to pack your belongings efficiently and securely.

    One common difficulty of packing your belongings is finding where to buy packing supplies and moving boxes and making sure you get enough of them.

    To make this part of your move easier and more convenient for you we have moving boxes for sale along with the other packing supplies listed below at our storage facilities (subject to availability):

    Small, Medium and Large Boxes

    Small moving boxes

    Medium Boxes

    Medium moving boxes

    Large Boxes

    Large moving boxes

    Wardrobe Boxes

    Wardrobe boxes

    Packing Tape

    Packing tape

    Bubble Wrap

    Bubble wrap

    Tie Down Rope

    Tie down rope

    Markers and Box Cutters

    Markers and box cutters

    Self-Storage Locks

    Self-Storage locks

    Packing Paper

    Packing paper

    Stretch Wrap

    Stretch wrap

    Moving Blankets

    Moving blankets

    Mattress Covers

    Mattress covers

    Chair covers

    Chair covers

    GlassGuard Protection Kits

    GlassGuard protection kits

    Moving Boxes Sizes

    Using the correct box size when packing, moving, and storing can make the process smoother. Below are tips on how to use the various sized boxes.

    Moving and Packing Supplies Deals

    We are pleased to be able to offer ways to save you money with discounts on our packing supplies, whether you only need a few items or a large quantity.

    10% off 15% off 20% off

    Time is Money

    You may begin to wonder, “Where are convenient locations to buy moving supplies near me?” While gathering free boxes from neighborhood grocery stores can save some money, it can become time-consuming and inconvenient. You can’t guarantee the quality or condition of what they’ll save for you, what the boxes have been contaminated with, and you’ll need to clear a space to place all the boxes as you collect them. If you go to an office supply store to buy supplies, you can usually be sure the boxes will be clean and new, but it can get expensive, especially if you’re packing up a whole house or apartment. Not to mention you are usually limited to what materials they offer. Luckily, STOR-N-LOCK Self Storage has a huge inventory of moving and packing supplies available for sale onsite to save time and sanity.

    STOR-N-LOCK Self Storage is your one-stop solution, making your moving and storage experience as easy as possible. Don’t drive all over town tracking down your moving supplies when we’ve got you covered with our quality packing materials for purchase onsite. Our managers have years of experience and will be happy use their knowledge to help you determine which materials you need to make your next move a success. If you’re planning to rent a storage unit or pack for a move, contact the STOR-N-LOCK Self Storage location near you to get packing supplies. Here's a list for your convenience:

    We look forward to helping you get the perfect moving and packing supplies to help make your move as easy and convenient as possible!