Climate-controlled units at STOR-N-LOCK Self Storage

Climate-Controlled Units with STOR-N-LOCK Self Storage

Keep your belongings protected with a climate-controlled self storage unit at one of our STOR-N-LOCK Self Storage locations. These units help preserve your vulnerable items from temperature changes by providing a clean, dry, and stable environment. Some of our climate-controlled units use air filtered through our HVAC system to help keep out dust and monitor heating and cooling.

Why Choose Climate Control?

A climate-controlled unit is an excellent choice if you’re looking to care for delicate items like photography, leather or wood furniture, heirloom pieces, antique keepsakes, electronics, or fabrics. Our climate-controlled units help to keep your valuable items away from extreme temperatures and outdoor conditions. If you aren’t sure whether you should choose a climate-controlled unit or if you simply need storage tips, our experts are happy to help answer your questions.

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Climate-controlled storage units at STOR-N-LOCK Self Storage

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