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  • Climate Controlled Storage

    Wondering if climate control storage is right for you? Read on as we answer all the questions you may have when considering climate controlled storage!

    Defining Climate Controlled Storage

    What does climate controlled storage actually mean?

    Climate controlled storage is essentially what it sounds like: storage in which temperature is managed to create an ideal environment for storing valuable or sensitive items. Though almost always referred to as climate control, its definition varies by facility and location, with some offering both heating and cooling in their units and others just one or the other. Climate controlled units are also sometimes referred to as temperature controlled units.

    What is a climate controlled storage unit?

    Climate controlled storage units are equipped with heating, ventilation and/or air-conditioning, as well as a greater amount of insulation for added temperature stability. Depending on the location of the facility, climate controlled units may need only heating or cooling. Other storage facility climates demand both.

    (Looking down a hall of climate controlled units)

    What temperature are climate controlled storage units?

    To create the best environment for your stored goods, climate-controlled units are generally kept at a temperature between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that climate-controlled units are kept at “storage temperatures”, and not “living temperatures”, as some people may think.

    Differences Between Climate and Non-Climate

    What is the difference between climate controlled vs. non-climate controlled units?

    While non-climate controlled units can be indoor or outdoor, all climate controlled units are located in the storage facility’s interior. Because they are interior units, they are generally cleaner. Dust can’t blow over the door from the outside as easily.

    (Non-climate units are often exterior drive-up units)

    What is the purpose of having climate control in storage units?

    Climate controlled storage units serve the same function as traditional units but include the added peace of mind that your stored belongings are in a temperature controlled environment. This is particularly useful for belongings that are sensitive to extreme heat or extreme cold during long-term storage.

    Considering Climate Controlled Storage

    How important is climate controlled storage?

    It all comes down to what items you are storing, how long you’re storing them for, and what the climate is like in your area. If you’re storing sensitive items such as collectibles, electronics, wood and laminate, etc. for an extended period, in a harsh climate, climate-controlled units are an important consideration. But if you are only storing your items for a few months and you live in a moderate climate, a climate controlled unit isn’t an important consideration.

    Do I need climate controlled storage?

    If you are storing sensitive items like family heirlooms, electronics, wood or leather furniture, etc. that may be sensitive to fluctuations in heat or cold then yes you probably do need climate controlled storage.

    (A customer’s 10x15 climate controlled unit)

    Are climate controlled storage units worth it?

    If you are storing sensitive items like electronics or family heirlooms then yes, definitely! If not, with proper packing most items do ok in non-climate controlled units plus it saves you a few dollars per month.

    What’s going to happen to my stuff in non-climate controlled storage?

    Many items will do just fine in a non-climate controlled storage unit especially if they are properly packaged. For example, wooden furniture tends to hold up better when disassembled and wrapped in plastic and electronics tend to do best when stored in their original packaging. But if you’re on the fence about it, it’s probably best to go with climate controlled storage especially if you can afford the extra cost.

    What is the average cost of climate controlled storage units?

    Climate controlled units cost an average of 12-16% more per month than non-climate controlled units. Big factors that influence climate controlled pricing include; the climate the storage facility is located in, the size of the climate controlled space, the individual facility and included features. Accordingly, prices vary between different states and individual storage facilities.

    When to Use Climate Control Storage

    When to use climate controlled storage?

    If your storage unit is in a climate that typically gets super-hot or cold and you are storing items that may be susceptible to hot or freezing temperatures then you should probably use climate controlled storage. Also, if you’re storing your items for an extended period and they are worth the extra cost per month, then again yes, you should probably use climate controlled storage.

    What items need climate controlled storage?

    If you are storing any of the following items for an extended period, you should consider using climate controlled storage:

    Where to Find Climate Controlled Storage Units

    Demand for climate controlled units is on the rise therefore many storage companies are adding climate controlled units to their facilities. So, climate control units are likely available at a STOR-N-LOCK self-storage facility near you.

    Here at STOR-N-LOCK Self Storage, we offer heated and/or air conditioned climate controlled units at our following locations:

    If you have any other questions about climate controlled storage, contact us!