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5 Common Myths About Self-Storage

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Many people that have never rented a self-storage unit may have preconceived ideas about storage facilities. Even those that have rented and had a bad experience may believe all storage is the same. Instead of believing any myths you’ve heard, do some research or visit facilities to learn what’s real and what isn’t.


MYTH: Storage facilities aren’t safe / my items will be stolen

TRUTH: Most storage facility locations are more secure than you’d think. Many have added security features that will help safeguard your belongings such as video cameras or electronic gated entry. Look for self-storage features such as a well-lit facility, unique gate codes, and multiple video cameras throughout the property. While no place is theft-proof, storage facilities with added protection can help reduce the risk of losing your valued items to break-ins.


MYTH: Storage units are too expensive.

TRUTH: While renting a self storage unit may be more of a monthly cost than stashing belongings in your spare bedroom, closets or garage, it is possible to find reasonable storage for rent in most areas. Prices will vary based on location and amenities. Some ways to keep costs down are:

  • Choose the correct size – Don’t pay for space you don’t need, but make sure you have enough room to easily access your items when you need to.
  • Skip unnecessary features – If you aren’t planning to store fragile, sentimental or expensive items, you could decide on a storage facility without climate control or enhanced security.


MYTH: Treasures and rare items can be found at storage auctions

TRUTH: You’ve probably seen those “reality” shows on television that showcase the many riches that can be found from an abandoned storage unit put up for auction. Unfortunately, these auctions, like a lot of reality TV, are often staged and the units that have been loaded with props like WWII relics or priceless art to make things interesting. More often, real storage units available for auction contain items most would consider junk – rusty bicycles, worn-out furniture and mattresses, boxes of unimportant paperwork or knickknacks. One person’s junk may be another person’s treasure, but this happens less than the TV leads you to believe.


MYTH: You’re stuck in a long-term contract

TRUTH: Most storage facilities offer the convenience and flexibility of month-to-month unit rentals. Though some facilities will offer a discounted rate for paying rent in advance this is not usually a requirement. You can feel confident knowing that there will be a storage facility near you that can assist if you only need to store some belongings for one season or during a renovation. If the facility closest to your desired location only has long-term commitment leases, ask if they’d consider leasing to you on a monthly basis at a slightly higher per month rate. Alternatively, look at the next closest facility; there may be a more cost-effective solution for storage. Renting a storage unit for only the length of time you need is just as important as renting an appropriately-sized unit for your items.


MYTH: Storage units are just for hoarders

TRUTH: Yes, some people that rent storage units may be hoarders dealing with an overflow of collections in their home. But beyond storing personal items someone can’t bear to part with, generally, units can have a practical use during moves and renovations or to store seasonal items such as holiday decorations or winter/summer sporting equipment. Also, many individuals use self-storage for business use. Online merchants or local shops may store inventory in their unit rather than consuming valuable space in their home or office. Landscapers may place their equipment in units overnight, on weekends or during the holidays when not in use.


Visit one of our 22 STOR-N-LOCK Self Storage facilities near you to see the differences between myths and truths for yourself. Any of our resident managers will be happy to answer questions you may have to sort out fact from fiction. If you’re looking for storage in California, Utah, Idaho, or Colorado, give us a call today!

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